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Trane introduces new range of rooftop units, Airfinity

Company says that the new “user-friendly” range is designed for flexibility, easy installation and operation and maintenance 

| | Jul 18, 2016 | 5:43 pm
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Brussels, Belgium: Trane, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, has announced introducing Airfinity, a new range of light, compact and modular plug-and-play HVAC rooftop units that are compatible with wireless technology, reportedly designed to comply with the upcoming European Union (EU) EcoDesign regulations, including the 2018 EcoDesign Directive.

The portfolio, the announcement added, was designed to save time and costs for replacing and improving efficiency of Existing Buildings across Europe, that require customisable solutions to meet the needs of a variety of commercial buildings.

The units, the announcement elaborated, range from 40 to 250 KW, featuring sustainable enhancements, such as Seasonal efficiency (SEER) up to 3.5, which will enforce minimum requirements on part-load efficiency for rooftop units; high-efficiency multi-scroll compressors working in tandem in both full-load and part-load operations, thanks to capacity modulation; variable speed technology on indoor fans for quiet and efficient operation and free cooling and heat recovery solutions for lower total cost of ownership.

The heat recovery module, the company said, utilises best-in-class rotary wheel technology, with a return on investment of less than one year for typical applications that require fresh air introduction like cinemas, restaurants and warehouses. The units, the company added, offer improved indoor air quality (IAQ), thanks to filtration of up to F9 and double wall panels.

Stating that the units are user-friendly and designed for flexibility, easy installation and operation and maintenance, Dominique Silva, Unitary Product Manager at Trane in Europe, said, “Airfinity products significantly saves time and costs for our customers during the retrofit process, which is especially important for retail facilities, such as restaurants, cinemas or supermarkets, where the time window to install, maintain or replace equipment is very limited in order not to impact opening hours.”

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