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Poland environmental agency announces two competitions for cogeneration and District Energy projects

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management will fund the winning projects, according to a news report

| | Jul 19, 2016 | 7:25 pm
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Poland: In order to help businesses implement high-efficiency cogeneration and District Heating or District Cooling projects, Poland’s National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management has announced two competitions that it will fund, according to a news report in decentralized-energy.com.

Referring to the agency, the news report said that the winning cogeneration projects will either have to “build new units or increase the capacity of existing units, with a total capacity of 1 MW”. The news report added that the projects, which exhibit the highest CO2 reduction potential per unit of funding, will have an advantage.

As for the projects developed for District Energy, the projects that will be declared winner, will have to build new co-gen fired heating or cooling networks, specifically for those residential areas that intend to shift to a low-carbon economy, said the news report, adding, “projects using waste heat of other kinds will also be eligible”.

The news report revealed that the agency funding is willing to support costs of maximum 80% for the cogeneration project and 85% for the District Energy project.

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