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‘HVAC accessories define a system’s lifespan’

Industry insiders explain the critical aspect of HVAC accessories and the challenges facing the industry…

| | Jul 14, 2016 | 6:44 pm
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Dubai, UAE: The government in the United Arab Emirates has announced a slew of infrastructure projects in the past few months ahead of the Expo 2020 in Dubai and the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Industry insiders say that the demands for HVAC equipment and accessories have witnessed a surge as the country prepares itself for the mega events.

According to Manish Hira, Managing Director of Hira Industries, HVAC accessories can be termed as “guards or catalysts that lift up the total system performance”. Not only do they play a critical role in the cooling industry from reliability, energy efficiency and safety perspectives, but a system’s whole lifespan, Hira says, is dependent on the accessories.

However, there are several challenges confronting the HVAC accessories industry. While market volatility due to unstable oil prices is well-known, Hira says projects are being delayed, and payment of contractors is getting in late as a result.

Prakash Chablani, the Managing Director of UAE-based Unigulf, and Vikash Sekhani, the Director of Sales and Marketing at SAFE A&T Technology Private Limited, India, point out that for a short time cheaper materials, which do not follow any type of manufacturing standards or have not received any certification, have been entering the market.

With the region being a price-sensitive market, the challenge for the HVAC industry is to deliver products without compromising on the quality or profit margins. Suggesting a solution, Hira says, “By expanding local production facilities, supported by the GCC governments (with the exemption of duties), and adhering to international manufacturing standards, we are able to offer best quality products at reasonable prices.”

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