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Carrier China to supply AquaEdge 19XR centrifugal chillers to Geely Volvo

Company hits milestone with the order of the 150th unit of the two-stage centrifugal chiller

| | Jul 10, 2016 | 9:46 am
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Carrier’s two-stage AquaEdge 19XR centrifugal chiller

Carrier’s two-stage AquaEdge 19XR centrifugal chiller

Shanghai, China: Carrier Air Conditioning Sales & Service, part of Carrier China, has celebrated the milestone order of the 150th unit of the two-stage AquaEdge 19XR centrifugal chiller, the company informed via a press statement. The order, the statement said, has been placed by Geely Volvo, and will serve its new production bases.

Carrier China, the statement revealed, will supply 14 AquaEdge chillers to three Geely Volvo automobile production bases located in Baoji, Taizhou and Zhangjiakou, and added that the bases will commence production by end of 2016.

Giving details, the company explained that the chiller uses a two-stage compressor, achieving a coefficient of performance of up to 6.5 under AHRI operating conditions. The chiller, the company added, offers a wide range of applications, including normal cooling, as well as water-source heat pump and ice storage systems through multiple impeller-gear combinations, delivering excellent performance under high lift with outlet water from 65 degrees C to minus six degrees C.

The company highlighted that since its debut in 2014, the 19XR series chillers have gained recognition from many building owners and developers, including Changsha Jinmao Meixi Lake Plaza, Shanghai White Magnolia Square and BAIC Automotive Group in Zhenjiang.

George Li, Vice President, UTC Climate, Controls & Security China, said: “The five-year plan indicates that environmental stewardship is an increasingly integral component of China’s development. We are committed to supporting sustainable development by introducing more efficient building technologies and systems to China.”

Carrier is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp.

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