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Breaking the mould

Building owners, operators, designers, contractors and building occupants have a lax attitude towards the issue, says Charles Blaschke, Founder and General Manager of takasolutions.

| | Jul 24, 2016 | 8:08 pm
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Dubai, UAE: Mould growth in buildings in the Middle East is of particular concern due to the hot and humid weather that the region experiences for several months. Charles Blaschke, Founder and General Manager of takasolutions, says that “it is estimated that roughly 80% of the buildings in the United Arab Emirates have some form of mould growth”.

Blaschke explains that the effects of having mould in a building and how it can affect its occupants:

Health factor – Mould growth poses a serious health concern as it can cause a range of health issues, including respiratory, visual, circulatory, mental and neurological problems.

Financial aspect – Removal of mould is difficult, as merely painting the area is insufficient. “As mould spreads, it must be immediately remediated, and damaged parts repaired and replaced. This could be something as simple as a portion of a ceiling, or something as large as an entire ducting replacement throughout the building,” says Blaschke.

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