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Al Fajer Group and Neon Energy partner to form a new company

New company, Al Fajer Neon Energy, to provide energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions to the UAE

| | Jul 14, 2016 | 3:00 pm
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Alexis Gianniotis, CEO of Al Fajer Neon Energy

Dubai, UAE: United States-headquartered Neon Energy, which recently expanded its operations in the Middle East, has announced partnering with Al Fajer Group, to form a new company called Al Fajer Neon Energy. According to the announcement, the new company will provide affordable integrated solutions in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors in order to support the development of clean energy projects in the United Arab Emirates.

In the field of energy efficiency, the announcement said, Al Fajer Neon Energy offers a wide range of integrated solutions to replace conventional lighting systems with new, energy-efficient, high-quality LED products, which are supplied on a fully financed basis, enabling its customers to repay for the equipment exclusively from their savings on their electricity consumption. The LED lights, which can reportedly save energy up to 95%, includes such features as high colour rendering index, low maintenance cost, low heat emission and longer lifespan, revealed the company.

In the renewable energy segment, the announcement added that the new company will practice the “think Green” philosophy in the field of Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Energy solutions.

The announcement claimed that Al Fajer Neon Energy is one of the few companies to offer (non-obligatory) free of charge audit, fully financed repayment option, technologically advanced products, specialised installations and extended after sales support, all under one roof.

Through this partnership, Neon Energy said that its main aim is to contribute to the overall development of the United Arab Emirates’ renewable energy sector, and with its services, the company added, it intends to bring about a sizeable sustainable development that will help accelerate the drive to reduce the global carbon footprint.

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