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Eurovent and its member associations publish first European-wide Statement of Principles

The document includes agreed key statements on a wide range of topics, including on IAQ, food safety and energy efficiencies

| | Jun 28, 2016 | 9:58 pm
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Brussels, Belgium: Eurovent has issued a press communiqué informing that during the 2016 Eurovent Annual Meeting in Verona, the Eurovent Commission, the committee of national member associations, has finalised the first European-wide Statement of Principles on an industry that thinks ‘Beyond HVACR’. The document, the communiqué said, acts as a basis for decisions taken by the Eurovent association, and is recognised by its member associations on a national level. It also incorporates wider industry perspectives, statements on key policy issues and visions that help to ensure a true level-playing field, added the communiqué.

Since their meeting in Prague in October 2015, the communiqué highlighted that Eurovent member associations from the European Union, Russia and Turkey have been working together on developing guiding principles. The 34-page document, the communiqué revealed, includes agreed key statements on a wide range of topics including: The technological scope of the European industry, the core issues it is facing, such as indoor air quality (IAQ), digitisation, food safety and energy efficiency; major policy areas, such as ecodesign, energy labelling and F-Gases; as well as internationalisation aspects, such as a jointly agreed support on advancing and promoting EN and ISO standards.

“The publication of the Eurovent Statement of Principles constitutes yet another milestone in the further development of our association and in bringing the European industry and their leading sector associations closer together,” said Alex Rasmussen, President of Eurovent. “The document brings together all the different technologies of our industry, focusing on unification and not separation. It follows our key principle of thinking ‘Beyond HVACR’ by incorporating visions on future issues and our European industry values in general.”

The communiqué informed that the Eurovent Statement of Principles is now available for download at the homepage of Eurovent website and distributed by national member associations. It is being regularly reviewed by the Eurovent Commission and, whenever necessary, updated in order to reflect the state of the art, technology and science, added the communiqué.

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