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Trane introduces Balance – a system for simultaneous heating and cooling

The multi-pipe system is equipped with variable-speed scroll compressor technology

| | May 22, 2016 | 6:31 pm
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Trane BalanceBrussels, Belgium: Trane, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, has announced introducing Trane Balance, the second generation of multi-pipe heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for high-efficient, simultaneous heating and cooling, in Europe.

Equipped with variable-speed scroll compressor technology, the announcement explained that the system recovers energy by shifting use from a separate boiler and chiller to a single, simplified multi-pipe unit that simultaneously delivers hot and chilled water. It added that the system repurposes rejected energy, or uses renewable energy, for heating the facility, making it a more sustainable solution that reduces the amount of investment costs, use of floor space and total operating expenses.

The new range, the company informed, extends the capacity of the multi-pipe systems offering to up to 780 kW for cooling and up to 880 kW for heating, and is available in four different efficiency levels to best suit the customers’ needs. Claiming that the energy use is significantly lower and due to the reduced quantity of fluorinated-refrigerant used, the company said that the systems contributes to lower the environmental footprint. Another advantage of the multi-pipe systems is that the refrigerant is contained in the unit itself, significantly lowering the refrigerant piping, refrigerant charge and risks of potential refrigerant leakage, added the company.

Trane revealed that the performance of the units is tested and validated in its testing facility in Epinal, France, where all units are confirmed to be compliant with Ecodesign regulations. It added that the facility is approved to test HVAC products in accordance with the highest industry standards, including, for instance, the European Standard EN 14511 and Eurovent standard requirements.

Stating that the best way to save energy is to not use it, Ronald Herpst, Business Development Leader of Trane in Europe said that if using energy was necessary, the second best way to save energy is to “recover and repurpose it”.

Louis Rompré, Unitary Portfolio Manager of Trane in Europe, explained that not only is there a need for concurrent heating and cooling to provide comfort within the building, but there is also a great need to reduce the carbon footprint and save energy. He said: “Modern multi-function buildings, such as large commercial office buildings, hospitals or hotels, are complex operations with multiple demands, often requiring simultaneous heating and cooling of different areas within the same facility throughout the year. With Trane Balance, building owners can increase their operational benefits and lower the environmental impact by balancing the supply and demand of heating and cooling in one simple system.”

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