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Tackling the hot air with a wet mesh

The adiabatic air inlet cooling with mesh concept decreases power consumption by nearly 30-40%, says Zafre Ure.

| | May 16, 2016 | 5:09 pm
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Dubai, UAE: Air-cooled condensers, chillers, dry coolers, cooling towers and evaporative coolers are some of the heat-rejection systems used in the industry, depending on where they are being employed. In the case of water-based systems, maintenance, corrosion, health risks, such as the Legionnaire’s Disease, and the lack of water resources in the Middle East have pushed the industry to opt for dry heat-rejection systems, despite them being less-efficient.

Proposing an alternative, Zafer Ure, Chairman of EcoMESH Adiabatic Systems, says that there are advantages of adiabatic air inlet cooling, over other systems, such as energy-saving and improving the performance of air-cooled chillers, dry coolers, condensers and refrigeration plants.

Explaining the process, he says: “The mesh Adiabiatic Cooling System is based on intermittently spraying water straight from the mains water without any pump or water treatment onto a mesh placed in front of the heat reduction surface. When the hot air passes across the wet mesh, it evaporates the water and effectively cools the incoming air by as much as 15-25 degrees C.”

Ure says that this decreases power consumption by as much as 30-40%. Listing the other advantages, he says that the mesh acts as a self-cleaning filter even without any water spray, provides year-round shading against direct solar gain, can be considered as being virtually maintenance free and “is customisable and lends itself to retrofitting, as it can be applied to any make or model of heat-rejection equipment for new as well as existing units”.

(The writer is the Online Writer of Climate Control Middle East.)

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