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Clima Uno’s AHU awarded higher rating under Eurovent Certification Programme

Acoustic insulation, mechanical strength of casing and casing air leakage, among areas assessed

| | May 4, 2016 | 10:59 am
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Clima Uno AHU

Clima Uno Re-circulating Air Handling Unit

Dubai, UAE: Italy-based Clima Uno, manufacturer of air-handling units (AHUs) and fan-coil units (FCUs), and a fully owned subsidiary of Al Shirawi Group, has announced that its AHU was awarded higher ratings of Thermal Transmittance (T2) and Thermal Bridging of the casing (TB3), following the latest round of testing by Eurovent Certification.

The facets of robustness assessed during the testing, the announcement revealed, included acoustic insulation, mechanical strength of the casing (D1), casing air leakage (L1) and filter bypass leakage (F9).

The new ratings are applicable to the company’s recirculating AHUs, fresh air- handling units (FAHUs) and energy recovery ventilators, Clima Uno said, and claimed that the improved ratings implied that they can deliver superior performance even in the region’s harsh climate.

“As a responsible HVAC manufacturer, we believe in constantly upgrading our products to cater to the needs of the market,” said Tarek Maleh, Operations & Technical Manager at Clima Uno Air Conditioning Industries. “By delivering reliable, cost-effective and energy-efficient products, we continue to be at the cutting edge of air conditioning technology.”

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