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Victaulic launches new grooved pipe-joining system

StrengThin 100, company says, increases efficiency of on-site material handling

| | Apr 25, 2016 | 10:31 am
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Victualic Strenthin 100Dubai, UAE: Claiming to be the first and only grooved pipe-joining system of its kind, Victaulic has announced introducing StrengThin 100 system, designed for jobs utilising thin-wall stainless steel pipes.

Listing its features, the company said that the stainless steel system consists of a galvanised rigid coupling, rated up to 16 bar, and suitable for temperatures ranging from –34 degrees C to +121 degrees C, and comes with Victaulic propriety installation-ready technology. The rest of the system, the company added, includes a full line of stainless steel lightweight fittings and valves, in addition to making use of a new pipe groove profile, which creates coupling engagement without the risk of pipe flare.

The manufacturer claimed that StrengThin 100 is particularly suited for chilled-water and potable-water systems, as also for air and cooling systems, increases the efficiency of on-site handling of material and lowers costs from the total installation point of view.

Initially, the system is available in sizes ranging from DN50 to DN150 for 2-mm wall 304/316 pipe, while sizes ranging from DN200 to DN300 for 3-mm wall pipe will become available later in the year, Victaulic informed.

“The StrengThin 100 system will revolutionise thin-wall stainless steel pipe joining,” said Stephen Traynor, Victaulic Division Manager (Middle East). “Contractors can still benefit from the efficiencies of using thin-wall stainless steel pipe on their mechanical systems, without the risks associated with welding.”

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