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Robotics Design introduces Anatroller ARI-100

Company says specialist robots for duct cleaning and inspection will improve IAQ

| | Apr 12, 2016 | 1:13 pm
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Pointing out that high energy costs are incurred from dirty and damaged air ducts by building owners in Dubai, Robotics Design has announced introducing Anatroller ARI-100, which the company claims, offers a quick solution to clean ducts for better air quality.

Listing its features, Robotics Design said that the specialised robot has been dedicated to duct cleaning and inspection, and can climb five-inch obstacles. Despite its compact size and eight kilogrammes of weight, it has 45 kilogrammes of towing power, and can clean 8 x 6 inch to 7 x 7-foot ducts in one pass, the manufacturer revealed.

The robot, the company said, has been designed to be used for a start-to-finish job of brushing, disinfecting and sealing the duct, rendering the environment safer and healthier. The arm of the robot, it explained, can be moved in all four directions, and carries the most advanced and efficient cleaning equipment to eliminate expensive delays in cleaning.

Anatroller, the company said, is a family of robots, which includes ARI-10 and ARI-50. The ARI-50, it said, is suitable for the smallest ducts, and the ARI-10 can climb walls, and comes with HD cameras.

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