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Retrofitting large chillers for better efficiency

Roosewalt Pereira, Business Development Manager of Gerab Energy Systems, in conversation with Climate Control Middle East…

| | Apr 25, 2016 | 10:19 am
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What is Gerab looking to offer the market in terms of retrofitting?

We have a condenser control system, which is a patented product. We have used the technology in a number of projects in the UAE, including a retrofit project for the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA).

The condenser control system is totally a retrofit product, and is for large chillers. What it does is that it increases the condensing area. It has got a vortex, and the cooler refrigerant is close to it, whereas, the hotter gas will be near the periphery. As a result, the head pressure of the compressor reduces, whereby you get a better efficiency. We have recorded about 20% increase in energy efficiency.

We also have a product for split systems and RACs. The product records the saturation point of the evaporator and shuts off the compressor. In a normal air conditioner, the compressor shuts off when the temperature of the room is reached. But the evaporator would have reached a particular temperature, where the heat transfer would be saturated. All the while, the compressor is still running, because it is checking the room temperature. So here we check the evaporator temperature, and as the evaporation process reaches the saturation point, we cut off the compressor but with the fan still operating. This way, the room tends to go cooler. And when the evaporator has lost its heat again, the compressor is switched on. So the run time of the compressor is reduced, and that way you save energy.

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