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Efficacy of testing and balancing air conditioning systems

Saves energy and ensures better thermal comfort

| | Apr 13, 2016 | 10:29 am
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An article titled, “Testing and balancing of air conditioning systems”, in the March issue of Qatar Cool’s in-house journal, Industry Insider, contends that testing, adjusting and balancing are essential services in establishing and maintaining the comfort and efficiency of a District Cooling system after a building is constructed.

The article highlights that when air and water balancing services are provided during the pre-construction planning and final construction phases, the owner is confident that the HVAC systems in the building will operate efficiently, with the tenants experiencing optimal thermal comfort. Additionally, says the article, continued maintenance will help retain the quality of the IEQ, while offering energy and cost savings to the owner.

The article points out that when a building is not properly tested, the temperature imbalance will be imminent at various locations, making them either too hot or too cold, leading to sudden thermostat adjustments within a given unit, thus promoting the use of other ventilation devices, such as electric fans, resulting in increase in energy costs, apart from lack of thermal comfort.

Regular testing and balancing of air conditioning systems also helps prolong the life of the equipment, says the article, apart from improving the Indoor Air Quality and creating a healthier environment.

Balancing water systems is done for the same reasons, the article says, and highlights that providing proper water flow from pumps and coils provides 5-15% savings in energy costs, and improves HVAC performance.

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