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Berner International introduces energy-saving calculator for air curtains

Designed for facility managers, architects, consulting engineers and contractors

| | Apr 20, 2016 | 11:33 am
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New Castle, Pennsylvania: Claiming to be the industry’s most powerful online energy-saving calculator for air curtains, Berner International has announced introducing an estimation tool accessible by any web browser for quick return-on-investment (ROI) calculations and air curtain selection.

Berner Air Curtain Energy Savings Calculator, the announcement said, a time-saving computational tool in the industry, which can also be viewed using smartphones, tablets, conference room screens, etc., is designed for facility managers, architects, consulting engineers, contractors and manufacturer’s representatives to input door dimensions, use time, local energy rates and other data.

Users, the announcement added, can manually select an air curtain model or use the embedded air curtain selector program and calculate the energy savings, including comparison of two or more Berner air curtain models’ effectiveness ratings and ROI energy savings.

Listing some of its features, the company explained that the program, developed in-house by the company’s engineering, marketing and sales departments, is based on loads calculated from generalised customer input, TMY2 weather data and ASHRAE calculations, and that the inputs can be revised by reopening the URL and changing input data or using a different air curtain model. Furthermore, the company said, the air curtain efficiency used to determine the payback period is based on generally accepted theory and laboratory and field tests.

Among its other features, the company added, are a wide variety of drill-down opening selections, ranging from exterior to interior doorways and walk-in cooler/freezers, with doorway types ranging from foodservice, hospitality, education, healthcare and retail to industrial dock doors.

The company informed that the inquiries are sent confidentially to the location’s respective manufacturer’s representative for sales follow-up.

Miranda Berner, Marketing Director, Berner International, said: “When a door opens, air curtains protect indoor spaces from outside temperatures, resulting in both occupant comfort and energy savings. We’re excited to reintroduce this enhanced tool to illustrate that story.”

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