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Adiabatic cooling – an ideal ally for retrofit projects in the GCC region

Technology allows for better operational efficiency of air-cooled chillers and ensures longevity of compressors

| | Apr 27, 2016 | 9:41 am
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Dubai, UAE: Adiabatic cooling systems are tailor-made for building retrofit projects involving HVAC systems, said Gerard Boyle, Director at UAE-based Greentech Systems. The retrofitting of the systems is simple enough, he said, and they provide a cooling ambient of anywhere between 10 and 15 degrees C Delta T. The reduction in temperature, he added, enables better operational efficiency for the air-cooled chiller, with savings in the order of 20%.

In addition, the systems aid in the longevity of the air-cooled system itself, Boyle said, because the compressor is not operating at high pressure any more. “So the net reality is that yes, we are doing it for the energy savings, but the not-so-quantifiable aspect will be the longevity of the machine, because now, the compressors are not operating in high pressure anymore, because they are not seeing the high pressures, which are associated with high temperatures,” he said. “So your compressor, which is an important part of your chiller, is lasting a lot longer, as well.”

(The writer is the Editor of Climate Control Middle East and the Editorial Director & Associate Publisher of CPI Industry.)

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