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Leminar on ‘Top 20 Companies to Work for in the UAE’ list

Credits it to company’s positive work environment

| | Mar 10, 2016 | 4:17 pm
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Dubai, UAE: Leminar Air Conditioning Company has announced that it has been featured on the 2016 edition of Great Places to Work’s list of ‘Top 20 Companies to Work for in the UAE’, for the third consecutive year.

Great Places to Work (GPTW) is purportedly the world’s largest study of workplace excellence and people management practices.

Its presence on GPTW’s list, said Leminar, was evaluated on the basis of confidential feedback from employees as well as an audit of management and HR practices.

Leminar credited this recognition to the culture of nurturing its employees through its Mentoring Program initiative, where an assigned mentor guides a new employee in settling into the new role and, perhaps, new country. In addition, the company’s annual events’ calendar reportedly has team-building activities, sports tournaments and employee-recognition events.

“Leminar’s employee-centric culture and special focus on work-life balance has driven business excellence,” said Navin Valrani, CEO of Leminar. “Leminar’s positive work environment ensures that employees are nurtured and cared for. We are committed to their all-round development, which is closely aligned with the core values of the Al Shirawi Group.”

Pramodh Idicheria, GM at Leminar added, “This award is the true recognition of what we believe and practice at Leminar: Our employees are our greatest asset.”

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