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GE appoints Peter Lau Current’s CEO for Europe and Middle East

Company’s start-up ‘Current, powered by GE’ to spur energy efficiency and diversification

| | Mar 21, 2016 | 11:50 am
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Peter Lau

Peter Lau

Dubai, UAE: GE has announced the appointment of Peter Lau as the Chief Executive Officer for Europe and the Middle East of its new energy start-up Current, to strengthen its operations in the region.

The objective, said the announcement, is to support its partners to scale-up energy efficiency and diversify the energy mix.

According to GE, Current will reduce energy costs with a comprehensive set Ecomagination-certified LED lighting systems and solar, energy storage and gas-fired technology options, and optimise a solution that reduces energy use, produces power on-site and shifts usage. In addition, it will, said GE, enable intelligent environments where lighting is networked with sensors that capture usage and energy consumption data to improve productivity, and also drive grid reliability and resiliency for utilities. Lau will reportedly steer Current towards these goals.

“Current brings the union of energy-efficient hardware and software to market in a way that will change the face of energy provision forever,” said Lau, and added, “I am looking forward to helping customers across the region create a robust strategy to further their business objectives, while reducing waste and costs and transforming the way industry chooses and consumes energy.”

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