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Saving lives and energy

A hospital in Italy faced increased burden of energy and expenses during the summer months. Installing adiabatic panels by Blue Energy resulted in increased cooling capacity and thermal comfort, while saving energy in air conditioning, claims the manufacturer. We bring you the case study.

| | Feb 14, 2016 | 2:59 pm
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In the summer season, the biggest consumer of energy in hospitals is air conditioning and cooling equipment. They are responsible for as much as 50% of the total energy consumption.

The background

Hospitals Humanitas, a highly specialised hospital and research and teaching centre, located in Bergamo, Italy, is accredited by the National Health-Care System. Built around centres for the prevention and treatment of cancer, cardiovascular, neurological and orthopaedic disease, together with an ophthalmic centre and a fertility centre, the hospital also operates a highly specialised emergency department. It is regarded as one of the most advanced healthcare facilities in Europe, occupying a total area of 57,000 m2.

The case study

The challenge:

In the summer season, energy consumption of the hospital’s cooling equipment accounted for 52% of the total energy consumption, imposing a heavy burden on its total budget. When the outside temperature reached +35 degrees C, there was a sharp drop in cooling power to around 19%. The HVAC engineers established the deficit of cooling power and overload of the chiller compressors.

The solution:

In the summer 2014, a decision was made to install smart cooling adiabatic panels, on the cooling equipment: Climaveneta SRAQ/SL – 2404, Climaveneta ERACS-Q/LT-SL 2722 and Climaveneta FOCS-CA-R 2722/SL. The total cooling capacity was 1,957 kw.


Energy monitoring and test results showed the following results after installing the adiabatic panels smart cooling on the cooling equipment: Chiller Climaveneta FOCS:

  • The efficiency of the cooling equipment and the cooling power increased by 23%
  • The energy consumption of the cooling equipment was reduced by 21%
  • The cooling equipment operated smoothly and ensured the required climate indoors.


The hospital facility’s cooling efficiency increased with the installation of the adiabatic panels and, at the same time, ensured optimum level of cooling for the building. There was a reduction in capital investments and operational expenses.

Other positive outcomes

Owing to the operational results of the smart cooling adiabatic panels, Hospitals Humanitas claims to have received the White certificate, which will purportedly aid the hospital in gaining additional funds.

What the customers say

Blue Energy won the tender due to the three main criteria being considered:

  1. Comparing the technical parameters of the equipment, smart cooling adiabatic panels provided the highest efficiency and results
  2. The experience and references of the company in other projects
  3. Return period

The professionalism of the company and its proposals played an important role, as well. We would not hesitate to recommend installing adiabatic panels in other hospitals, because the equipment is a really powerful tool.


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