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RGF introduces ion generator into the HVAC market

Company says the product is aimed at improving IAQ in budgeted-homes

| | Feb 11, 2016 | 10:15 am
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Riviera Beach, Florida: In an official communiqué, RGF Environmental Group announced that it has introduced its latest product – the QUAD-DM Ion Generator (QUAD-DM) for the HVAC/Indoor Air Quality industry.

The product, the company said, was developed to produce bi-polar ions in the air-conditioned space of residential and commercial buildings. The system, it said, has quad-ion emitters for quad-polar ionisation.

Ron Fink, RGF’s President and CEO

Ron Fink, RGF’s President and CEO. Credits: RGF

RGF revealed that the design of the unit uses separated polarised ion emitters and the Bernoulli Effect for efficient ion dispersion and mixing.

The company claimed that the product is a good solution for the budget-minded consumer for air cleaning and is designed to treat air conditioning units with a capacity of up to six tonnes of refrigeration (TR). It further said, it is effective in reducing particulates, allergens, smoke, bacteria and mould spores, eliminating odours and generally cleansing the air in the air-conditioned space.

The company, describing the process of installation, said, QUAD-DM is designed to be mounted via magnetic feet to the inside of the air handler. The flexibility, the company added, allows the unit to be mounted even to a curved surface, such as a blower housing.

RGF’s President and CEO, Ron Fink, said: “This latest product is in response to our budget-minded customers, who have higher particulate issues in their homes or facilities, and are seeking a more economical solution to clean the air. As a result, our engineers developed a highly effective quad-polar ioniser, which we believe is the most advanced product of its kind in the market today. The QUAD-DM was developed to fill a gap in the RGF IAQ air purification products line.”

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