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Recycling grey water is the new green

Serge Becker of Aspen Pumps shares a few figures to explain the need for recycling grey water produced in air conditioning units in the GCC region.

| | Feb 8, 2016 | 10:50 am
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As water resources are limited in the GCC region, recycling grey water has become all the more necessary. Even as experts work on broadening the horizon to recycle and reuse grey water, Serge Becker, Sales and Marketing Director at Aspen Pumps Ltd, has highlighted the need to tap into grey water produced in air conditioning units, to help conserve water in the region.

Becker said that most people fail to realise that they have an additional source of grey water in their homes, which produces “between five and 20 gallons of water per day”. A standard air conditioning unit, Becker says, will produce on average 5,475 gallons of grey water a year. “That is enough to fill 110 bathtubs, wash a car 5,477 times, do 138 loads of washing or could flush a toilet 2,737 times per year,” he added.

As use of air conditioning has become a common practice across the GCC region, recycling grey water would not only benefit users financially but would also help the region towards its green goal.

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