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One-directional airflow essential for controlling contamination in hospitals

Faizal Zaidi of TROX Middle East presents recommendations for achieving good IEQ in hospitals

| | Feb 11, 2016 | 2:49 pm
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Hospitals are a place for the sick to bounce back to health, therefore more emphasis needs to be laid on providing good IEQ by using efficient HVAC systems, said Faizal Zaidi, Marketing Manager at TROX Middle East.

To control contamination, Zaidi has suggested the use of one-directional airflow into specific rooms, such as from relatively sterile areas to less sterile areas where the incidence of microorganisms would be higher.

Focusing on air conditioning in such areas as ICUs, sterile care rooms and isolating rooms, Zaidi recommended using different pressure levels – negative or positive, air locks and filtration to maintain hygiene.

He further said the installation of fire dampers to prevent the spreading of fire and of powered smoke exhaust system to prevent the spreading of smoke were vital to the safety and well-being of occupants in healthcare facilities.

“Whether it is the patients, visitors or the staff in a hospital,” Zaidi said, “it is important to remember that the human being is the yardstick, and their well-being is our goal.”

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