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Belimo holds seminar in Dubai

Focuses on smart valves

| | Sep 15, 2014 | 2:40 pm
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Focuses on smart valves

Belimo Automation FZE, developers, manufactures and distributors of electric actuators for air dampers and valve technology for HVAC applications, organised a seminar, titled “Water Event: The Future of Smart Valves”, on August 13 at The Marriott Hotel, Dubai.

Sharing this information, the Swiss-based company said that the venue was significant, as it was fitted with Belimo products.

The seminar focused on energy valves, pressure independent control valves, electronic pressure independent valves and characterised ball valves.

The panel comprised David Stevenson, Managing Director, Belimo Automation FZE; Mathias Ryser, Business Development Manager, Belimo Automation AG; Colin Bridges, General Manager – Qatar, Belimo Automation; and Thomas Leser, New Markets Manager, Belimo Automation AG.

Anu Sivaprasad, Product Sales Manager, UAE & Oman, began the proceedings with a welcome speech and a formal introduction of the panelists, while the introduction of Belimo was made by Stevenson.

During the presentations that followed, Ryser delineated on the evolution of the ball valve.

In his presentation, Bridges highlighted that all pressure independent control valves were not the same, and spoke about their use and factors to be considered while selecting them.

Leser’s presentation on Belimo energy valves touched upon the evolution of the characterised control valves; what must be considered when using pressure-dependent valves; and highlighted the benefits of the energy valve. “The energy valve is an intelligent, communicative, pressure independent control valve with an integrated BTU meter,” Leser defined, and listed its five cardinal functions:

  1. Hydraulic balancing
  2. Air bubble-tight shut off
  3. Pressure-independent flow control
  4. Permanent measurements
    1. Flow rate
    2. Media temperatures supply/return
  5. Monitoring function
    1. Power output heating/cooling coil
    2. Expenditure of energy for heating/cooling
  6. Creates plant transparency

Two case studies – MIT University, Boston, and University of Miami Hospital – were presented to underscore the efficiency of the energy valve.

The seminar concluded with a tour of The Marriott Hotel mechanical plant room, organised by Ruby Ortaliz, Assistant, Managing Director, Belimo Automation FZE, and assisted by Amor Matildo, Receptionist, Belimo Automation FZE.


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