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IAQA to become part of ASHRAE

Merger expected to benefit IAQ in built environment

| | Aug 13, 2014 | 11:56 am
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Merger expected to benefit IAQ in built environment

ASHRAE and the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) have agreed in principle to join forces and combine resources to improve Indoor Air Quality in the built environment. Announcing this through an official communiqué, ASHRAE revealed that pending a three- to six-month period of due diligence, IAQA will become part of the ASHRAE organisation while maintaining its own brand and board of directors.

The agreement was reportedly reached between the leadership of the two associations and confirmed at the 2014 ASHRAE Annual Conference in July.

According to the communiqué, IAQA will operate independently within ASHRAE’s organisational structure, however, plans call for IAQA headquarters to relocate from Rockville, Maryland, to ASHRAE’s headquarters in Atlanta.

ASHRAE and IAQA programmes will reportedly be aligned to create high-impact resources for building professionals around the globe. In light of this, ASHRAE President Tom Phoenix, said: “This merger is beneficial to both ASHRAE and IAQA in that it strengthens the programmes and services of both organisations. The work of IAQA complements the work of ASHRAE in its standards, research, publications and educational offerings. We now combine our resources to ensure the industry receives the best Indoor Air Quality technical guidance and educational programmes possible, which means improved Indoor Air Quality for the world around us.”

Kent Rawhouser, President of IAQA, added: “This merger allows IAQA to maintain its own brand, while also providing its members with enhanced benefits and services. Our strong history of programmes and products is expected to not only continue, but to grow as the merger allows us to take advantage of the resources and programmes overseen by ASHRAE. Members of IAQA and ASHRAE will work collaboratively to strengthen Indoor Air Quality programmes for the industry, and most importantly, for the people who occupy homes and buildings around the world.

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