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CAIRfricostar range swimming-pool climate-control systems


| | Mar 7, 2014 | 11:11 am
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Pointing out that many operators of swimming pools are only aware of total energy consumption figures and not of the relationships between energy consumption and respective modes of pool operations, GEA Heat Exchangers has announced offering the CAIRfricostar range of swimming-pool climate-control systems. GEA further claims that it is an effective energy monitoring system that provides appreciably greater transparency.

The manufacturer lists the following product features and benefits:

  • The new system enables recording of energy consumption by major components, for example, by fans, heat pumps, and electric heating coils.
  • A data bus records and collects this data in the control unit of the system. Pool operators can read off these consumption figures on the system display, or are able to access and evaluate them with a higher-level building-services management system.
  • The standard versions of GEA CAIRfricostar models from the factory support the bus systems required (eg, MODbus, BACnet, or LON bus).
  • Since it reveals the relationship between consumption and the basic settings of the dehumidification unit, it facilitates the exploitation of optimisation potentials, as well as benefits like cost reduction, climate and environmental protection, and subsidies and government benefits.
  • In addition, the data is ideal for use within the context of energy management that is certified in accordance with ISO 50001.


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