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DM to educate on new green building legislation at The Big 5

Key insights into new code before its launch in 2014

| | Oct 15, 2013 | 10:23 pm
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Key insights into new code before its launch in 2014

The Dubai Municipality will be presenting the latest Dubai Green Building Code at The Big 5, offering attendees the opportunity to understand more about the regulations and their impact on the industry for the future before they go live in early 2014. Announcing this, The Dubai Municipality and dmg events, organisers of The Big 5, said that the new legislation will be mandatory for all new buildings across residential, commercial and industrial sectors. The code covers a range of construction features, including building vitality, ecology, as well as energy, water and waste efficiency and effectiveness, the announcement added.

Information on the Dubai Green Building Project, of which the new regulations are derived, will be provided along with the rationale behind its implementation, the role it will play in Dubai’s drive for sustainability, and there will be a full outline of the requirements for assessment and certification of green buildings together with a follow-up workshop to provide more in-depth information on assessment procedures, the two entities revealed. In addition, there will reportedly be a comprehensive overview of the testing procedures of products within the new regulations and the certification process.

In this context, Eng Abdulla Rafia, Assistant Director General of Engineering at Dubai Municipality, said: “The new Green Building Code will be implemented next year, and we are currently working to strengthen our efforts in educating the necessary audiences on the requirements they will have to meet. We are ready, our testing and certification centres are ready; we want to ensure that the industry is also ready and has access to the relevant training and information they require in advance of the launch. The Big 5 provides an excellent platform for us to engage with a wide range of stakeholders and communicate this key information.”

“The new legislation from Dubai Municipality” commented Andy White, Group Event Director, The Big 5, “is an important step towards realising sustainable construction processes with a long-term view.”

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