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Protector Series DVR enclosure with pre-packaged thermoelectric cooler

EIC Solutions

| | Jun 17, 2013 | 5:47 pm
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EIC Solutions has announced expanding its Protector Series line of pre-packaged electronic enclosures with thermoelectric air conditioners. The company claims that the enclosures are weather-tight and feature rugged, powder-coated steel construction that protect contents from environmental factors, theft and vandalism.

The manufacturer lists the following product features and advantages:

  • june2013-mktp04The pre-packaged DVR Cooler cabinet is now available in wall- or pole-mount models and integrates a drop-in DVR rack-mount bracket that allows 19-inch rack-mountable DVRs to fit into a standard wall-mount enclosure, allowing protection and cooling for electronics in places where security/surveillance devices are being used.
  • Additionally, the rack-mount model accommodates single or multiple 19-inch rack-mount devices such as servers, routers, modems, switches, amplifiers and network gear.
  • They come in four sizes (L”xW”): 24 x 24, 30 x 24, 36 x 30, 48 x 30. Each size may be used with the 4U DVR rack-mount bracket. Many more sizes are available in the wall-mount, workstation and rack-mount lines.
  • They may be fitted with a 200, 400, 800 or 1500 BTU thermoelectric air conditioners, which do not use a compressor, refrigerant or filters, and there are no moving parts (other than fans), making the units maintenance-free.
  • The air conditioning units are mounted to the enclosures in either flush- or through-mount styles to meet varying installation and application requirements.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, they are built to NEMA standards, available in NEMA 4 configurations.
  • Pre-packaged units are shipped complete with no assembly required, and may also be equipped with a heater for complete control over cabinet interior temperatures.
  • Made in the USA, they are available in either 120V AC or 220V AC modes and operate in temperatures of up to 140ºF
  • A variety of options exist for the DVR cooler, including heating capability, rain shrouds, digital temperature controllers and tamper-resistant packages.


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