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Crucial vote on F-Gas Regulation

Chance for MEPs to rid EU of major greenhouse gas

| | Jun 15, 2013 | 11:46 pm
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Chance for MEPs to rid EU of major greenhouse gas

Members of the European Parliament’s ENVI Committee have an opportunity to secure a major win for the climate when they meet on June 19 to vote on possible changes to the EU’s F-Gas Regulation, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) has revealed in a communiqué.

According to EIA the Regulation governs the use of climate-changing fluorinated gases, including hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) – super greenhouse gases many hundreds or thousands of times more powerful than carbon dioxide, which are used in refrigeration, air conditioning, aerosols, foams, solvents and fire protection. Despite this, the powerful HFC chemical industry, comprising a handful of multinationals, is reportedly lobbying relentlessly against HFC bans in a bid to maintain their market dominance.

But, said EIA, joined by a large coalition of concerned NGOs, it is calling on supporters and other EU citizens to directly contact ENVI Committee members, urging them not to falter in the face of industry self-interest and to vote to ban HFCs in new equipment and products by 2020. More than 250 Europe-based companies already produce climate-friendly alternatives using natural refrigerants, EIA added.

EIA also revealed that it had produced a short campaign film to highlight the issue, which could be viewed at http://www.eia-international.org/action-alert-help-us-urge-eu-to-win-one-for-the-climate.

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