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Alfa Laval conducts seminar on refrigeration

Presents its growth strategy and latest products

| | Jun 15, 2013 | 5:16 pm
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Presents its growth strategy and latest products

Alfa Laval, on May 7, conducted a technical seminar on refrigeration at the Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Dubai. The company’s history, growth strategy and recent developments in its products were the topics touched upon.

Waseem Ahmed, Country Manager for Pakistan and Regional Manager for EQD & MDD, and Siraj Nettikkadan, Market Unit Manager for Refrigeration, Equipment Division, made a brief presentation on the company’s growth strategy, laying emphasis on Alfa Laval’s efforts to work through channels. They highlighted that the company was looking to add more channels and to grow with the existing channels.

may2013-region06Making a presentation on semi-welded plate heat exchanger (PHE) in NH3 refrigeration system, Tommy Ångbäck, Business Unit Manager for Refrigeration, pointed out that the PHEs could achieve a high COP factor, had high pressure and temperature fatigue resistance, were not damaged by freezing, and provided heat recovery and condensing in one unit.

He also gave information on semi-welded PHE in NH3/CO2 cascade systems. In his presentation, Ångbäck pointed out that since an internal leakage resulting in the mixing of NH3 and CO2 would result in a “disaster”, using semi-welded units in cascade systems would prove advantageous because leakages would only be external and would preclude the chances of NH3 and CO2 mixing with each other.

Another product he covered in his presentation was the U-turn NH3 liquid separator, especially designed for use with plate heat exchangers in ammonia applications. U-turn, he said, ensured efficient separation owing to different separation methods, including agglomeration, gravity separation, and centrifugal forces. He revealed that throughout the separation process, the surface tension would keep the liquid droplets trapped to the wall of the device.

Andrea Martini, ABC – Market and Business Support, gave a presentation on industrial air applications and products, commercial air products and outdoor air products. Some of the applications of air products mentioned in his presentation included cold storages, meat and fish refrigeration, and fruit and vegetable refrigeration.

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