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Twisted diffusers


| | May 11, 2013 | 4:15 pm
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Aldes ME Flash has announced introducing Twisted, a range of high-induction air diffusers, which it claims is equipped with a patented system of swirl diffusion that provides added mixing capacity and can maintain the quality of air diffusion over a wide range of airflow. It adds that the diffusers have advantages for architects, MEP consultants and MEP contractors.

Aldes lists the following product features and benefits:

  • may2013-mktp03Adapted to small and medium-sized commercial premises such as restaurants, offices, hotels, banks, small shops, nurseries, retirement homes, showrooms and open-spaces
  • Keeps the capacity to mix the supply air with the room air ambient for greater temperature consistency, and, therefore, offers optimum comfort, whether in high or low speed
  • Effective when heating and cooling and both accept high mixing rates and temperature variations over 15°C
  • Perfect for installations with high mixing rate and ceiling height up to 4m
  • Has small air throw even for big airflows – 150-650 m3/h – with same size of diffuser
  • Pressure loss: very low on supply model – 28Pa with plenum for 650 m3/h
  • Only one model, therefore easy to order, plan and execute installation (plenum integrated) – need to identify supply and exhaust versions only

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