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TA-FUS1ON control valves

TA Hydronics

| | May 11, 2013 | 4:30 pm
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TA Hydronics

TA Hydronics has announced launching TA-FUS1ON, a range of control valves that combine both control and balancing functions into a single unit. Together with the corresponding actuator, they provide absolute control over hydronic systems, allowing designers and contractors to correctly size control valves, the company claims.

may2013-mktp06It backs its claims with “European HVAC Customers in company commissioned customer surveys 2009-2012”, which suggests that well over 50% of control valves within hydronic systems are wrongly sized because of incorrectly fixed Kvs (valve coefficient) values, leading to poor control performance and inefficiency within the system, with oversized valves increasing investment and energy costs, and undersized valves increasing energy consumption as they cause the pump head to increase.

In the light of this, TA Hydronics lists the following product features and advantages:

  • The single adjustable Kvs with inherent independent EQM characteristics enable precision sizing and optimal control performance for on-site flexibility and maximum energy efficiency, eliminating the problem of under or oversizing.
  • The single unit two-in-one valve design with the corresponding actuator provides control and balancing functions, reducing investment cost and installation time.
  • They feature measurement capabilities for differential pressure, flow, temperature, power and available differential pressure to provide hydronic diagnostic control over complex HVAC systems.
  • Larger dimensions are made using TA Hydronic’s inline technology, resulting in lower noise generation and ease of insulation.
  • The range includes a full selection of valves between DN32 and DN150, with or without an integrated Dp controller.
  • The measuring and diagnostic capabilities of TA-FUS1ON ensure that the daily performance of the complete system can be easily achieved and maintained with products in the new range designed to work seamlessly with the TA-SCOPE measurement and balancing instrument and TA Select 4 hydronic software. Together these enable precise balancing, system monitoring, power measurement and troubleshooting.

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