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SmartStruxure solution

Schneider Electric

| | May 11, 2013 | 4:22 pm
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Schneider Electric, dealing in energy management, has announced the release of SmartStruxure solution, which it says is designed to maximise building efficiency and reduce operating costs across the entire lifecycle of a facility, and provides facility managers instant access to energy and sustainability metrics

SmartStruxure solution is made up of hardware and software that combines engineering, installation and services to provide integrated monitoring, control and management of HVAC, energy, lighting, and other critical building systems. Schneider elaborated.

may2013-mktp05The manufacturer lists the following product features and benefits:

  • SmartStruxure breaks down traditional information silos and delivers integrated building information and real-time data via web access; powerful graphics and trend visualisations; rich reports; and mobile applications to ensure buildings are running at maximum efficiency.
  • Supported by EcoStruxure Web Services, the suites unify key software applications across all levels of an enterprise, providing a scalable platform.
  • Built on open standards, SmartStruxure solution provides seamless integration through LON, BACnet, Modbus, Web Services and Schneider EcoStruxure Web Services.
  • EcoStruxure architecture connects five domains of expertise – power, datacenters, process and machines, building management, and physical security – within an open and flexible technology architecture that delivers significant savings on CapEx and OpEx.
  • In addition, it enables numerous advanced building services, such as automatic mechanical equipment analytics and building optimisation.
  • It has an attractive modern interface that can be personalised for individual users.

Anant Berde, Vice President, Buildings Business, Schneider Electric, highlighting the advantages of the user interface said: They also appreciate the scalable vector graphics that look great regardless of screen size. The drag-and-drop trending really helps them visualise and optimise their energy performance across the district.”

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