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Qatar Cool buoyant about prospects for DC

Qatar Cool’s three plants register increase in cooling energy produced

| | May 11, 2013 | 2:13 am
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Qatar Cool’s three plants register increase in cooling energy produced

Qatar District Cooling Company, also known as Qatar Cool, has announced updates on its operations in the two districts it covers: The Pearl-Qatar and West Bay. Following what seems to be a trend towards eco-friendly technologies in the region, the company said that its three plants had witnessed an increase in cooling energy produced as the demand for district cooling service continued to rise. The announcement added that its operations had been steadily growing over the past few years, as it had completely sold out the capacity of the two plants in West Bay. Furthermore, the company said that it was in design stage for a third plant that would serve waitlisted customers.

According to Qatar Cool, since the inauguration of its first plant in 2006, it had witnessed an increase in connected capacity over the past six years. The company attributed its growth to a variety of factors at the core of which, it said, was the overall growth of residential and retail sales and leasing in West Bay and The Pearl-Qatar districts, which were reportedly quickly gaining popularity among Qatari investors and expatriates seeking luxurious accommodation. It also pointed out that its growth was aligned with the overall progress the country as a whole had made in the past few years.

Qatar Cool highlighted that apart from a variety of benefits district cooling offered to its end-users, district cooling went hand in hand with the lifestyle promoted at The Pearl-Qatar and West Bay area, and centralising cooling systems in remote locations freed significant leasable areas in residential buildings, which could be utilised for leisure amenities such as swimming pools and gardens. Such centralisation also contributed to noise reduction by eliminating the need of conventional outdoor units in residential buildings, Qatar Cool said.

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