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IDEA thanks attendees of IDEA Conference

Empower, Tabreed, Emicool and Qatar Cool honoured

| | May 16, 2013 | 8:47 pm
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Empower, Tabreed, Emicool and Qatar Cool honoured

International District Energy Association (IDEA), in an official communiqué, has thanked the nearly 550 attendees who participated in the IDEA’s 104th Annual Conference & Trade Show, which took place from June 2 to 5 in Miami, Florida. The Association also thanked the exhibitors and sponsors for their support for the event. The event organiser revealed that district energy/CHP owners, operators, innovators and leaders from around the world travelled to Miami to tap into the peer exchange and insightful panel discussions with technical content at the conference, which included workshops, panel discussions and nearly 50 presentations, seven forum meetings and extensive peer and knowledge exchange, IDEA elaborated.

As a highlight of the conference, IDEA reportedly recognised the industry’s innovators with a series of honours throughout the event. The following is a list of awards and awardees that IDEA has provided:

  • System of the Year Award: Markham District Energy
  • IDEA Innovation Award: Empower
  • Norm Taylor Award: Hemant Mehta, WM Group
  • John Gray Scholarships: David MacMillan and Brendan Urke

District Energy Space

Most Total Buildings Committed – North America

  • Gold: Veolia Energy North America – Philadelphia System
  • Silver: Markham District Energy
  • Bronze: District Energy St Paul

Most Total Square Footage Committed – North America

  • Gold: Veolia Energy North America – Philadelphia System
  • Silver: Enwave Energy Corporation
  • Bronze: Consolidated Edison

Most Total Buildings Committed – Beyond North America

  • Gold: Emirates District Cooling (C)
  • Silver: Tabreed (National Central Cooling Company) Abu Dhabi System
  • Bronze: Qatar Cool

Most Total Square Footage Committed – Beyond North America

  • Gold: Tabreed (National Central Cooling Company) Abu Dhabi System
  • Silver: Qatar Cool
  • Bronze: Empower Energy Solutions

The other high point of the conference reportedly was an in-depth virtual tour of Miami Dade County’s District Cooling Plants by the attendees and a visit to Nova Southeastern University’s Central Energy Plant in Ft Lauderdale, where the tour took them through an ice thermal storage tank.

IDEA gave the following event details:
City leaders from Boston, Portland and Philadelphia shared with IDEA audiences their insights into the opportunities and challenges of envisioning, designing, implementing and optimising urban futures with sustainable energy. Panelists included Bill DiCroce, President and CEO, Veolia Energy North America; Katherine Gajewski, Director of Sustainability, Philadelphia; Alisa Kane, Green Building and Development Manager, Portland, Oregon; Jim Lodge, Vice President, Alternative Energy Solutions, NRG Energy; Ken Smith, President and CEO, District Energy, St Paul; and Brian Swett, Chief of Environment and Energy, Boston, Massachusetts. The International Panel Discussion titled Future Proofing Cities for Efficiency, Resiliency and Economic Durability was headed by district energy experts from Germany, China, United Arab Emirates, and the United States, who discussed emerging trends and policies and the need for more education of government and private sector leaders. Panelists included Kevin Brown, Executive Vice President, Project Development, DCO Energy; Ahmad Bin Shafar, CEO, Empower; Werner Lutsch, CEO and Managing Director, AGFW; Stephen Swinson, President and CEO, Thermal Energy Corporation; James Kassim, Director of Operations and Maintenance, Tabreed; and Xu Wenfa, Chairman, China District Energy Association.

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