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HVAC professionals endorse green products and technologies

AHR Expo post-show survey reveals renewable energy and IAQ as top-priority areas of attention

| | May 11, 2013 | 3:29 pm
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AHR Expo post-show survey reveals renewable energy and IAQ as top-priority areas of attention

Creating a more energy-efficient and sustainable environment was the goal for thousands of HVAC professionals attending the 2013 AHR Expo in Dallas earlier this year, revealed event organiser, International Exposition Company in a communiqué. The company added that based on its post-show survey of the attendees, 92% of respondents ranked energy-efficient products/technology as the most important things to see at the show, while other product areas ranked “important” by thousands of contractors, consulting specifying engineers and other show attendees were:

  • Green Building/Sustainability: 81%
  • Automation & Controls: 81%
  • Renewable Energy (solar, geothermal, etc): 75%
  • Indoor Air Quality: 81%

may2013-intern01Another important reason attendees listed for visiting the HVACR exposition was to “see what’s new on the market” (98%) and “visit with current suppliers” (94%). Other high-rated reasons for attending were to:

  • See specific new products first-hand: 94%
  • Look for new suppliers/vendors: 92%
  • Find solutions to address needs: 82%
  • Make decision to purchase: 53%
  • Attend educational sessions: 43%
  • Attend meetings at the Show: 57%

In keeping with the desire to see new technologies and products, 50% said they visited the Building Automation & Control Showcase, while 34% visited the Software Center and 42% attended exhibitor presentations in the New Product & Technology Theaters.

“It’s interesting to note that the top five areas Show attendees are most interested in seeing are all related to saving energy and creating better indoor environments,” said Clay Stevens, President of International Exposition Company. “It’s a growing part of the HVACR marketplace that is definitely reflected in many of the new products on display. Renewable energy continues to gain traction, ranking higher every year, with three-fourths of the respondents ranking it fourth.”

Stevens added: “That’s why exhibitors use AHR Expo to showcase their latest products. In fact, in the Post-Show Exhibitor Survey, 65% said they introduced new products since the last AHR Expo and nearly half responded that they used the Show to introduce new products for the first time.”

International Exposition Company also shared the information that the 2014 AHR Expo would be held from January 21 to 23 in New York City.

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