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Free 2013 Catalogue/Design Guide Redefining Air Dispersion – 2013


| | May 11, 2013 | 4:10 pm
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DuctSox has announced releasing Redefining Air Dispersion – 2013, its free 26-page, full-line, illustrated catalogue and design guide for fabric duct products and accessories for architects, engineers, contractors and other commercial building designers.

The company lists the following highlights of the catalogue and attendant benefits:

  • may2013-mktp02The fully illustrated catalogue features DuctSox’s new SkeleCore Series in-duct framework support and dedicates 10 pages to the new HVAC trend of first designing commercial air dispersion around the suspension/fabric retention systems, then selecting fabrics and dispersion.
  • It features several pages of architecturally photographed applications in addition to DuctSox’s complete line of suspension, fabric, air flow and accessories for textile air distribution duct.
  • It includes illustrations and descriptions of DuctSox’s new nozzle that can be adjusted to either throw air up to 60 feet fully open, throttled for custom distances, or closed.
  • There is a section on the many optional air flow, diffuser and textile types available to project specifiers.
  • Sections include design strategies with UnderFloorSox (UFSox) for under floor air distribution, KitchenSox for commercial cooking area ventilation, LabSox for laboratory IAQ and ChemSox for corrosive industrial environments.

Speaking exclusively to Climate Control Middle East, Tawfiq M Attari, Global Sales and Technical Director, DuctSox MENA, said: “Advancements like these bring many benefits. The backbone system keeps the textile duct taut and unwrinkled at all times, reducing the motion as well as noise and the start up. At the same time, this increases the lifetime of the product, as the duct is kept round at all times, whether there is any pressure applied or not. Warranties, for example, are now prolonged for as long as 20 years. Constant improvement and dedication to innovation are keys to success in the industry. The new technological advancements, such as these, have brought a revolution to the previous design guides by completely changing the process. Such systems are ideal for operations with frequent cycling or where there is a variable air volume supply at different times.”

To order the free catalogue, DuctSox has advised those interested to call 1-866-DUCTSOX, ext 5355 or visit www.ductsox.com/content/full-line-brochure to download a copy.

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