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Mycon acquires licence to make JetMaster

Equipment can be used for cleaning fin-type heat exchangers

| | Apr 13, 2013 | 3:07 pm
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Equipment can be used for cleaning fin-type heat exchangers

Mycon has announced acquiring the global licence for the construction and sale of equipment (JetMaster) for cleaning finned heat exchangers, from its sister company, Kipp Umwelttechnik, which will offer the patent-protected process (additional patents are pending) as service work on finned heat exchangers in all sectors within Germany, such as coolers in the engine sector, oil coolers, cold stores and air conditioning systems.

According to Mycon, JetMaster has been tested on finned heat exchangers up to 650 mm deep and can also be cleaned if they are accessible from both sides. It added that JetMaster employed an environmentally friendly cleaning process that solely worked with the smallest volumes of clean water and compressed air (at most 1 – 6 bar), meaning that the process could also be used in all outdoor areas.

Mycon explained the cleaning process saying that the water was pre-treated within the equipment, and when fed in as a compressed air stream, the pre-treated water was charged with micro-bubbles and blasted at high speed through a special nozzle onto the finned heat exchanger to be cleaned. The emerging stream penetrated into the sensitive fins, where it caused a cavitation effect that loosened the dirt adhering to the fins and, ultimately, carried it away.

The company claimed that the cleaning effect made finned heat exchangers look almost new even after serious contamination by oil and other organic substances, and had the added advantages of energy savings, elimination of heat-related downtimes and extension of the service life of systems.

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