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Eurovent launches certification programme

First programme for VRF systems

| | Apr 13, 2013 | 2:58 pm
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First programme for VRF systems

Eurovent Certification Company (ECC) has announced compliant registration of manufacturers for its new VRF programme. It has added that certified performance for VRFs would be available on Eurovent Certification’s Web site by the end of September 2013, and that the certification process steps, along with product test(s) required to comply with certification protocol, would generate certified performance data for VRF between the end of June and the end of September 2013.

For manufacturers applying for the programme, Eurovent has proposed the following process:

Signing of agreement by manufacturers for VRF programme, from now onwards – there is no deadline as this is a voluntary registration

Declaration file for products below 50 kW to be provided by applicant

Selection of products to be tested sent by ECC

Declaration file for products above 50 kW up to agreed scope of programme (to be defined)

Delivery of products below 50 kW

Selection of products to be tested with participant laboratories

ECC to publish certified performance for the full scope of the programme

For manufacturers registered at a later date, the schedule applied would be modified according to timing

According to ECC, data would be made available in the Edibatec – Cl@a database used as a data library by major thermal calculation software for building, and more information would be available at www.catalogue-clea.fr. Also, additional companies willing to join the VRF certification programme can contact the company at apply@eurovent-certification.com.

ECC claimed that its certification was recognised in the field of industrial third party product performance for HVACR products, offering consultants, energy engineering offices, architects and product end-users the most comprehensive certification programme that covers up to 15 product families, according to European and international standards.

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