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EE300Ex transmitter

E+E Elektronik

| | Apr 13, 2013 | 3:39 pm
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Dubbing it as a safe measurement of humidity and temperature in challenging industrial applications, E+E Elektronik has introduced its new EE300Ex transmitter. The manufacturer adds that the device complies with the ATEX Directives for intrinsically safe equipment, and can be employed in both hazardous and explosive gas and dust locations in zones 0 / 20.

april2013-mktp04The manufacturer lists the following product features and advantages:

  • Thanks to its easy-to-clean stainless steel housing, the humidity transmitter is ideal for use in the pharmaceutical and chemicals industry.
  • The E+E humidity sensor element guarantees long-term stability and precise and reliable measurements in the range of 0 to 100% rel. hum. and -40 to180°C and from 0.01 to 300bar under pressure.
  • The two-part housing concept simplifies the installation of the humidity transmitter and permits rapid replacement of the measurement unit, such as for calibration, without time-consuming re-cabling.
  • As a compact wall-mount version or with an up to 10 m remote sensing probe, it is ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • The current values can be read off the device directly using the optional display.
  • It can also be used for moisture measurement in oils: The humidity content of oil can be issued as absolute in [ppm] or relative as water content [aw].
  • In addition to the measured values for humidity and temperature, the dewpoint, frost point, absolute humidity, mixing ratio and other computational functions can also be issued.
  • It is designed using two-conductor technology – the measured values are issued on two analogue outputs with 4 to 20mA.
  • The configuration adapter can be used to carry out custom modifications of the transmitter and to adjust the humidity and temperature outputs quickly and easily.

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