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èSoffio 360° cooling system

Idrobase Group

| | Mar 10, 2013 | 3:40 pm
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Idrobase Group has announced adding èSoffio 360°, yet another product in its new Perfect Cool’s Cooling System at 360° line.

According to the manufacturer, the system uses a 360° fan placed at a height of 2.5 m, which blows millions of micro-droplets of water, atomised at high-pressure, forming a sort of cloud that covers a diameter of 6 m (30 m2 around the fan). These water droplets hover in the air, and then, while evaporating, absorb the heat from the environment, reducing the surrounding temperature by up to 10°C, without wetting people and objects and keeping insects and mosquitoes at a distance.

Idrobase lists other product features and advantages:

Technical features

  • march2013-mktp03Crankshaft pump: 0.5 l/min
  • Electric motor 230V-50Hz, 390 Watt, 1.53A
  • Thermal protection on the pump
  • Lack of water automatic stopped
  • Integrated digital timer sets the duty cycle, manual and automatic working, 24 hours scheduling and alarm for lack of water
  • 40-litre water tank (five hours of autonomy with timer at 50%)
  • Direct connection to water supply
  • Wheels with security brake
  • Frame made of painted steel
  • Electric motor 1375 Rpm, 230 V-50 Hz, 96 Watt, 0.47 A
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Noise 59 dB
  • Air capacity 4000 m3/h
  • Flow range 3 to 4 m
  • Mist fan ring with six nozzles, hole 0.15mm


  • èSoffio 360° is ideal for outdoor areas like bars, restaurants and gardens, and also for all the environments where you need to reduce temperature
  • It is practical, powerful and efficient
  • It is easy to set its height and the time of emission of the nebulised water
  • It has four wheels which allow it to be moved and placed where needed
  • It is economical, as the system works with only 390 Watt of power

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