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Sauter holds seminar on BMS and green buildings

Showcases EY-modulo 5 building automation system

| | Feb 15, 2013 | 7:31 pm
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Showcases EY-modulo 5 building automation system

Sauter, a Swiss-based manufacturer and supplier of building management systems, organised a seminar on January 8 at the Beach Rotana in Abu Dhabi. The event gave an opportunity for its leaders to give a background of the company and highlight the features of Sauter EY-modulo 5.

Bertram Schmitz, CEO, Sauter, first took the podium and spoke about the company’s history and milestones. In his presentation, he highlighted that the new Sauter Head Office Building was the first industrial building to be certified with the Minergie label in northwestern Switzerland. Minergie is a registered quality label for new and re-furbished low-energy-consumption buildings. The label is registered in Switzerland and around the world, he explained.

Sauter’s Executive Vice President and Head of Corporate Marketing and Sales, Jean Schwartzentruber spoke extensively about Sauter EY-modulo 5. He said that it was a configurable modular system that could meet any demand for building technology and claimed that the technology was entirely based in the open BACnet/IP communication via Ethernet and any existing IT networks.

He enumerated EY-modulo 5’s other features:

  • It allows complete exchange of data for complex building management functions, including air conditioning, alarm and fire protection functions, and room automation.
  • It provides direct access to all data relevant to the user’s building.
  • The user can utilise any common web browser to access relevant information, clear data point lists, precise analysis tools and log data evaluation options, and export the data to standard programs anytime and anywhere.
  • It has the ability to provide alarm notification via PCs, PDAs, pagers, fax machines, landline phones and mobile phones.

Mohamed Mansour, Chairman, Sauter Middle East FZC, capped the evening off by speaking about its operations in the region. He said that the full range of the company’s systems and products were available at Sauter Middle East. He also spoke about the latest projects the company was involved in, including NMC Speciality Hospital in Dubai, Umm Al Quwain Hospital, and Al Hilli KG School in Al Ain.

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