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Honeywell’s first HFO blend in the market

Aimed at AC and heat pumps applications

| | Feb 15, 2013 | 7:40 pm
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Aimed at AC and heat pumps applications

Honeywell has announced that its first HFO blend is now commercially available. The company’s Solstice L-41 is reportedly designed to be a lower GWP alternative to R410A in air conditioning and heat pump applications. Honeywell made the announcement at the recent 2012 International Symposium on New Refrigerants and Environmental Technology in Kobe, Japan.

Honeywell claimed that Solstice L-41 delivers a 75% reduction in GWP compared to R410A and that the refrigerant has excellent energy efficiency and cost effectiveness and can be used in existing equipment designs with minimal changes. Solstice L-41 is reportedly a blend based on Honeywell’s HFO-1234ze technology, first introduced in 2008 and now commercially available for chillers, insulating foam, and aerosol applications.

The new HFO blend also claims advantages over R32, Honeywell said, as it has a higher GWP and limitations related to high discharge temperatures which can affect performance and durability in hot climates, and may also require new lubricants.

According to Honeywell, a new HFO-1234ze manufacturing plant is currently under construction.

Tom Morris, Director of Commercial Development for Honeywell Fluorine Products, said: “Honeywell has been working closely with leading equipment manufacturers to optimise Solstice L-41 to meet the demanding requirements of both stationary air conditioning and heat pump applications across a broad range of operating conditions. Solstice L-41 will allow these manufacturers to offer more environmentally friendly air conditioning and heat pump systems to help address climate change.”

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