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GLAC-CD range


| | Jan 15, 2013 | 1:45 pm
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Saying that customers can save with the new air-cooled chillers in the GLAC-CD range, GEA has announced launching the new chillers to replace the GLAC 0152-1204-BD models. GEA claims that the range of model sizes makes them effective for small and medium-sized HVAC systems, and for facilities with small water-system contents and refrigeration ratings between 40 and 350 kW.

The manufacturer lists the following product features and benefits:

  • jan2013-mktp03The chillers are available over the entire output spectrum in three models: a standard version, an SL version with sound insulation down to 11 dB(A), and the HE high-efficiency model in Eurovent Class A.
  • The standard models in the range operate with air-intake temperatures up to 46ºC and can reduce the temperature of the cooling medium to -10ºC.
  • The chillers operate in one or two refrigerant cycles with the refrigerant R410A and with economical scroll compressors in a tandem configuration.
  • The micro-channel heat exchangers (MCHX) from the GLAC 4131-8321CD2 range – already proven effective in the higher output class – are used as condensers.
  • The performance of the heat exchangers is superior to that of classical Cu-Al heat exchangers, owing to their enhanced heat transfer and larger heat-exchange surfaces, and to their refrigerant filling volume, which has been reduced by 40%.
  • The heat exchangers are also substantially lighter: the heat transfer capacity of a 30-kg MCHX heat exchanger is equivalent to that of a Cu-Al exchanger that weighs from 105 to 120 kilogrammes.
  • The MCHX models, in addition, offer greater resistance to galvanic corrosion, and the pressure drop for the air flow is less than for Cu-Al heat exchangers.
  • GEA has increased the output as well as the energy efficiency of the standard and the sound-insulated models.
  • It is possible to match the units to individual customer requirements, including equipping the systems with inverter-controlled fans.
  • Two new model sizes in the 2-scroll line (with one refrigerant cycle) now enable an overlap in cooling duty with the 4-scroll line (with two refrigerant cycles), which offers benefits in investment costs. The 4-scroll line offers customer a choice of a plate heat exchanger or a shell-and-tube heat exchanger, with an option of protecting not only the buffer tank against frost, but also the internal hydraulic components that contain water.

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