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AHR Expo survey results released

HVACR manufacturers predict an improving economy

| | Jan 15, 2013 | 1:32 pm
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HVACR manufacturers predict an improving economy

According to a recent AHR Expo survey sent to more than 1,000 HVACR manufacturers worldwide, 70% of the respondents expect the economy to be better in 2013 than in 2012. In fact, 15% of these manufacturers expect a “much better year” while 28% of respondents expect

the economy to remain the same. Just three per cent expect it to be worse than 2012. The International Exposition Company, which produces and manages the AHR Expo, elaborated that in

keeping with this optimistic outlook, 86% of the HVACR manufacturers believe sales will increase next year with 35% of these respondents expecting sales increases of more than 10%. Thirty-two per cent forecast sales increases between five per cent and 10%, and 19% expect increases of less than five per cent. Also, 11% believe sales will remain the same.

Most respondents (41%) reportedly said that the residential sector would account for the strongest demand for new products, followed by institutional (30%), industrial (19%), light commercial (seven per cent) and heavy commercial (three per cent). The industry categories likely to show the strongest growth were renovation/upgrade (42%), new construction (34%) and replacement (24%).

More than two thirds of the respondents (67%) reportedly predicted that the greatest demand for new products would come from domestic markets and 33% from international markets. Of these respondents, 52% apparently said the greatest demand for new products would come from the healthcare segment, 45% from industrial plants, 43% educational marketplace and 42% government/civil.

To meet this demand, 75% of AHR Expo exhibitors are said to have responded that they would be introducing new products or services at the 2013 Show in Dallas, to be held from January 28 to 30.

“It is good to see that manufacturers continue to be optimistic about the HVACR sector of the economy,” said Clay Stevens, President of International Exposition Company. “These survey results seem to suggest a strong show in Dallas.”

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