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Palsgaard Mexico to harness solar energy

Aims to become CO2 neutral by 2020 and set an example

| | Nov 15, 2012 | 4:17 pm
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Aims to become CO2 neutral by 2020 and set an example

The Mexican subsidiary of Palsgaard, the manufacturer and supplier of emulsifiers and stabiliser blends for the food industry, has announced installing a new photovoltaic solar panel system to produce enough electricity to cover 85% of the facility’s energy consumption, thereby helping Palsgaard achieve its ambitious goal of becoming CO2 neutral in 2020. The Danish embassy in Mexico as well as representatives from the local government reportedly participated in the inauguration of the project held on September 12, the announcement added.

According to Palsgaard, it has previous record of being recognised for its environmentally friendly initiatives – in 2009 and 2011, it was awarded the Industria Limpia Clean Industry certificate by the Mexican Federal Attorney of Environmental Protection. This, Palsgaard said, is given to companies that on their own initiative take up a series of activities towards the protection of the environment.

The Palsgaard team

Speaking against the backdrop of the inauguration, Miguel Hidalgo, Managing Director of the Mexican facility, said: “This will result in a positive impact by minimising external energy requirements and decrease CO2 emissions, hence reducing our carbon footprint. Despite this, there aren’t many similar projects in our area, and we would like to set an example for the industry.”

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