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GEA makes a mark at Chillventa

Presents new solutions for refrigeration engineering

| | Nov 15, 2012 | 4:53 pm
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Presents new solutions for refrigeration engineering

At the Chillventa 2012, the international trade fair for refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps, held from October 9 to 11 in Nuremberg, GEA Refrigeration Technologies presented a range of products. Announcing this, the company gave a sampling of the products showcased: Open GEA Bock compressors; new, optimised semi-hermetic GEA Bock CO2 compressors; New GEA mexxFlow Bock compressors; GEA Grasso compressors; and GEA Grasso V range.

Highlighting a few of the products, the company claimed that the Open GEA Bock compressors feature long-life components and are smaller and lighter than the piston compressors available until now, with comparable displacements of 240 to 280 m³/h. The F range, therefore, offered a varied performance spectrum with displacements of approximately 10.5 m³/h (F2) to 281 m³/h (F18).

The new range of medium-sized GEA Grasso compressors, which were also presented at the show were designed for application in refrigeration technology for chillers or heat pumps, the company said. The highlights of the range were the Type MS and an internal continuous Vi control system that allows adapting its internal volume conditions to external plant pressure conditions, GEA explained.

According to the company, also focusing on the ongoing development in the valve plate system, it introduced mexxFlow valve plate system. This increased the efficiency of the compressors by around 15 %, thanks to the flow-optimised double lamellar ring design of the valve plate in combination with a cylinder head especially adapted to the valve plate, thus enabling open as well as semi-hermetic GEA Bock compressors achieve new records in terms of efficiency, the company claimed.

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