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Doha to hold electricity conference and exhibition

Event expected to attract policy-makers and manufacturers in the power sector

| | Oct 14, 2012 | 6:00 pm
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Event expected to attract policy-makers and manufacturers in the power sector

KAHRAMA, the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation, has announced that the 4th Arab Union of Electricity Conference and Exhibition will be held in Doha from January 7 to 9, 2013. The event includes a seminar on “The Investment Opportunities in the Electrical Industries in the Arab Countries” and the 7th Exhibition of Electrical Industries in the Arab World, which KAHRAMAA will be organising, along with the Energy Section in the Arab League, in cooperation with Interactive Business Network. The conference, the seminar and the exhibition coincide with the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Arab Union of Electricity, as well as the transfer of chairmanship of the board of directors of the Union from the Tunisian Republic to the State of Qatar, the announcement added. Accordingly, the Arab Ministerial Electricity Council has decided to hold the periodic meeting of its Executive Office during the same period in Doha, such that Arab electricity ministers will have the opportunity to attend all the above events as well as take part in the Silver Jubilee celebration of the Arab Union of Electricity, KAHRAMAA elaborated.

According to KAHRAMAA, the event is being held at a time of growing interest in the region in developing and upgrading the electricity sector through the application of the latest technologies in electric power production, transportation and distribution, the adoption of policies and strategies relating to alternative and renewable energy and improving the strategic management of electricity sectors in the region through advanced smart grid programmes and systems.

In light of the above, the organisers of the event have reportedly chosen the theme, “Renewable Energy and Smart Grids… Future Electric Power Solutions” to provide the framework for a discussion on its listed agenda, including adopting medium- and long-term national strategies to develop the structure of the Arab electricity sector, improving management and control of electric power networks and the use of smart grid applications for remote control of networks and promoting steps to expand the common Arab electricity grid in order to enhance the efficiency and load of country networks. Finding practical solutions for expanding the use of alternative and renewable energy sources and expanding and promoting scientific research and training in electricity, and the importance of renewable energy for the environment and human, social and economic development will also be subjects of focus during the event, said KAHRAMAA.

The organisers said that the event is expected to attract people from the public and private sectors in the Arab world and other countries, policy-makers in the power sector, global manufacturers of electrical equipment and smart grid solutions and experts in renewable energy.

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