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Sorubin tests new aerator

Microluft found to be fully functional to treat unfiltered wastewater

| | Sep 15, 2012 | 7:21 pm
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Microluft found to be fully functional to treat unfiltered wastewater

Sorubin, a supplier of aeration products for water treatment, has announced that Microluft, its new version of bottom-mounted aerator, with newly designed wear plate and shredding slots, has successfully completed a three-month test-drive and has been found to be fully operational for unfiltered wastewater treatment. The hydraulics of Microluft were modified to make the aerator capable of handling impurities normally found in unfiltered wastewater, like fibre-clots, fabric pieces, hair and solid objects like hygiene products, Sorubin claimed, and added that a patent application has been filed for the new modified version of Microluft.

According to Sorubin, the tests were carried out at a wastewater treatment plant in Gravmark, northern Sweden. Sorubin explained that aeration is a legally required process in water treatment, during which, oxygen is transferred into the water for purification and cleaning, and since Microluft is a bottom-mounted aerator, it entrains atmospheric air to the bottom of dams and ponds by creating a vortex in a pipe. The air reaches a specially designed impeller which disperses it as fine bubbles into the surrounding water. The company said that it expected the new product to have an impact on the pumping industry, as Microluft is potentially the first non-clogging wastewater pumping solution that does not require a support system to remain clog-free.

“With our further developed Microluft, we can now provide energy effective aeration also in very difficult waters,” said Stefan Sandström, CEO of Sorubin. “In the summer, we are scheduled to start looking for a partner to bring Sorubin’s new, non-clogging technology to the wastewater pump industry.”

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