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Flexy EC rooftop units with new standards


| | Sep 15, 2012 | 7:27 pm
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Saying that it wants to fulfill its commitment of creating energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions and offer the same performances, whatever the capacity of its rooftop packaged units, Lennox has recently announced equipping its Flexy EC range with new standards.

The manufacturer claims that Flexy EC now comes with an economiser and with the latest version of Lennox’s advanced controller (Climatic 60) to allow free-cooling or heating operation and intelligent fresh air management.

The company lists the following product features and advantages:

  • It is available from 85 kW up to 230 kW as a cooling only or heat pump air-to-air or water-cooled unit and can be combined with auxiliary heater, such as gas.
  • When outside temperature is appropriate, there is no need to activate the thermodynamic circuit to maintain the required ambient temperature inside the building.
  • It comes with an analogue display for dirty filter that informs users when filters require maintenance.
  • Electronic expansion valves are now a standard feature on the Flexy EC to provide for more accurate regulation of the refrigeration circuit and to maintain high performance, whatever the outside temperature conditions or the load inside the building.
  • Direct reading of the refrigerant pressure and temperature is now possible on the Service Display, thanks to electronic pressure sensors.
  • It offers a new solution to recover energy: the previous air-to-air rotary heat exchanger has been upgraded to a much more efficient technology that increases the energy recovered from exhaust air leaving the building.
  • The e-Drive variable speed fan allows reducing the annual rooftop energy consumption by 30%.

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