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The Protocol (NP) Series of indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers

Seresco Industries

| | Aug 16, 2012 | 6:46 pm
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Seresco Industries

Seresco, a manufacturer of HVAC Indoor Air Quality equipment, has introduced the Protocol (NP) Series of indoor swimming pool dehumidifier technology, that the company claims reduces refrigerant by up to 85% and is more efficient than conventional DX dehumidifiers.

Named after the 1997 Kyoto Protocol environmental treaty, the Protocol Series, the manufacturer says, substitutes hundreds of pounds of vapour compression refrigerants commonly used in traditional natatorium dehumidifiers with glycol, which is 95% less expensive than refrigerants and an environmentally-preferred heat transfer fluid for LEED and other sustainable building projects.

The manufacturer lists the other product features and benefits:

  • The Protocol Series heat exchangers transfer refrigerant heat to glycol for either free supply air reheat or heat rejection to dry coolers. The result is more system reliability, reduced refrigerant leak potential, longer compressor life.
  • The series ranges from 18- to 140-tonne units that provide energy-efficient natatorium space heating/cooling and optimum humidity control.
  • It significantly reduces project costs because external PVC glycol piping to dry coolers is less expensive to install in labour/materials than copper refrigerant piping to condensers.
  • The proprietary heat rejection design makes the series equally efficient as DX systems on summer design days and five to seven per cent more efficient throughout the rest of the year.
  • The innovative design uses an active refrigeration head pressure monitor/control that ensures the lowest possible condensing pressures to boost system performance.
  • It comes with maintenance-free direct drive blowers with variable frequency drives (VFD) that are standard in all Seresco equipment, and also provides additional operational efficiencies.
  • Additional efficiency is also offered with optional heat recovery from exhaust air.
  • Fully modulating, total variable reheat provides indoor air comfort by providing stability in pool space temperature and relative humidity levels.
  • Factory-charged and sealed refrigeration system means no on-site field charge refrigeration work or EPA-certified installation technicians are required.
  • Small factory-sealed refrigerant charges totally eliminate all issues of refrigerant and oil migration associated with all traditional DX systems.
  • Significant reduction of system refrigerant charges protects building owners from costly service bills in the event of a refrigerant leak.
  • Package or split system and indoor or outdoor configurations are available with no distance limits between the unit and the AC heat exchanger.
  • All coils are fully-dipped in a polyester enamel corrosion-protecting coating.

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